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At Pacific Cellular we help choose, implement, support, train and analyze your wireless requirements so you can spend more time enjoying your services and increasing your bottom line. We make the convoluted wireless industry simple to understand so you can fully utilize and get the most out of your device.

Our company has been a leader when it comes to servicing and supporting everything from small to enterprise sized clients. We take the time to understand your business requirements for all things wireless from cell phones, smartphones, GPS and asset tracking or integrated wireless solutions and leverage our knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that all your requirements are met. To ensure that your bottom line is taken care of, an in depth analysis of the cost is performed prior to any implementation of our solutions. After the implementation we will perform regular analysis and report feedback and give suggestions to more effectively manage costs. Many of Canada’s most successful companies rely on Pacific Cellular because of our proactive approach, fast response time and dedication to service and support.

In order to simplify your life, improve uptime and reduce costs we want to ensure all clients know how to use their wireless services. In our retail stores, not only do we show our clients how to use and operate their devices at the point of purchase but we also offer regular workshops to allow people to unlock the full potential of their device. Our corporate clients can sign up to have a trainer visit their offices for a training session. However all training sessions are tailored to each deployment. Non Pacific Cellular clients may also contact us to get a quote for a training session.

Canadian Owned

We are a Canadian telecommunications company serving British Columbia and the rest of Canada. Pacific Cellular was founded in 1986 as one of the first Cantel dealerships in Western Canada. Early on, the company developed a corporate channel as well as a retail channel to provide customized wireless solutions for all different types of client requirements. Since then the organization has moved onto becoming a Bell dealership, and our employees are some of the most tenured in the industry.

Our Purpose

We provide true value and simplicity in choosing, implementing, and evaluating wireless products and services for our clients. Whether it is figuring out a client’s plan requirements or teaching how to operate a handset, it is our goal to ensure that you get the most out of your wireless devices.

We have built a strong reputation as an industry leader in Canada reinforced by the carriers we have worked with, our partners and most importantly our clients. Our vision is to change the landscape of the wireless industry, and be the gold standard for wireless service in Canada.

Our Skills

Being pioneers in the Canadian wireless market we have had the opportunity to bring aboard some extremely talented people over the decades. Our staff is always up to date with what is new on the market so they have the tools to properly assist you. For corporate clients we have certified employees that can assist in device deployments or even certified trainers to come out to your offices. More importantly, we pride ourselves on having some of the best communicators in the industry who will listen, identify your needs, and recommend a solution that really fits.

Our Team

Our team supports & assists all of our clients Canada-wide, internationally, and in our retail stores.
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“Our Company is in its 85th year of business because we value our service providers almost as much as our customers. We have enjoyed a relationship with Pacific Cellular for over ten years. Their sense of urgency and response time to emergencies is first rate. We recommend this firm.”

Howard Obrand
Owner, Beatty Floors

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